School Activities

School Activities at SHANA International School

Explore the vibrant array of activities at SHANA School, from cultural arts and sports to science clubs and community service, fostering well-rounded development and community engagement.

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Cultural Festivities and Arts

Students shine in drama, music, and dance, celebrating artistic expression and cultural heritage.

Sports and Physical Development

Diverse sports programs promote teamwork and physical health, highlighted by our enthusiastic annual sports day.

Multiple Intelligence
Science and Technology Exploration

Fostering innovation with science fairs, robotics workshops, and coding competitions to spark student curiosity.

Environmental and Social Responsibility

Instilling responsibility through environmental projects and community service, shaping empathetic global citizens.

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Leadership and Personal Development

Developing future leaders through student council, debate club, and Model United Nations.

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Special Interest Clubs

Clubs like photography, chess, and astronomy allow students to pursue passions and deepen skills in a supportive environment.

Engaging with the World

Broadening horizons through international exchanges and cultural trips, enhancing global understanding and experiences.

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Literary and Writing Enthusiasts

Cultivating a love for literature and writing through book clubs, writing workshops, and author visits, inspiring creativity and critical thinking.